This policy applies to materials within the National Documentation Centre holdings. It provides guidelines for general informational purposes. We reserve the right to inform on which material can be reproduced including but not limited to the right to deny any and all uses.

The primary goal of the Centre is to ensure that social, economic and developmental information about Dominica is available for research. However, the use and reproduction of all material within the Centre’s holding is permissible within the restriction and limitation set by depositors and the observance of preservation practices to ensure that no harm is done by those processes.


Black and white copies can be made on 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, or 11” x 17” paper. Coloured copies are limited to scanned items on 8.5” x 11”.

Photocopying Procedure

  • All photocopies will be done by staff
  • For large copies or coloured copies unable to be done at the Centre, a staff member will accompany the client(s) to other service providers or payments can be made to the Centre inclusive of service charge with copies collected or delivered within a stipulated timeframe.
  • In most instances, ten or fewer copies can be made at the time of request depending on staff availability. Copy requests greater than ten pages will be completed as staff time allows.
  • Photocopied material can be mailed or delivered to patrons.


Every effort will be made to provide clear and readable copies, but the researcher must understand that the Centre’s primary goal is to preserve material. If the original is very dark or tightly bound with little interior margin, it will be impossible to get a good copy.

Other Reproduction Options

Researchers Own Equipment

Materials in the Collections may be photographed with permission of the Chief Librarian. Researchers may bring their own photographic equipment (including digital cameras). Advance notice is appreciated.

In-House Scanning Services

The Centre can digitally capture items in its collection (document pages, pictures, tables, maps). Scanning is free. However, oversize items may need to be sent out of the Centre for reproduction at the Client(s)’ expense.


  • No reproduction of material that are classified as Restricted or Confidential.
  • Material whose availability is Limited will only be reproduced for users specified by the depositor.
  • No more than  1/3 or thirty (30) pages will be reproduced from a single item.
  • No thesis in whole or in part will be reproduced. Written authorization must be obtained from the Author(s).
  • No document available for sale by Government Departments or other state institutions will be reproduced.
  • All items reproduced will be from the Centre’s holdings or from the Collections of a unit of the Library and Information Service.


Printing resources are provided for all users of the Centre. Printing may include: research from the Internet, copies of documents, typed work, material from external sources, (CD, Flash Drive, etc.). Black and white and colour prints can be made on 8.5” x 11” and 8.5” x 14 paper.

Printing Procedure

Inform a staff member, when you are ready to print, for printing instructions.


  • Printing is restricted to one (1) copy of a document. Additional copies from the original may be made using the Centre’s photocopying service.
  • Commercial use of Centre’s printing resources by any user is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to flyers, advertisements, brochures, sales sheets, newsletters, and CD/DVD covers.
  • Printing images and graphics which may be reasonably interpreted as offensive is prohibited. For further information, consult the Centre’s policy on Acceptable Uses of the Internet.
  • The Centre does not technologically support direct printing from personal laptops to its printer(s). A file from a laptop must be copied to a storage device (floppy disk, flash drive, etc.) and a request made to staff with directions for printing.
  • The Centre’s staff may monitor the use of the printer(s).
  • The Centre’s staff reserves the right to place restrictions on the printing of extremely large documents.


  • The Centre’s staff explicitly reserves the right to cancel/reject any print job which violates printing policies.
  • Users violating any portion of this policy will be advised of the appropriate policy section and asked to comply.
  • The Centre’s staff explicitly reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate computer access for users who repeatedly violate stated policies.

Reproduction Cost

Size Colour Cost (XCD)
8.5" x 11" Black & White 0.35/0.50
8.5" x 11" Colour (full) 2.00/3.50
8.5" x 11" Colour (more text) 1.50/2.50
8.5" x 14" Black & White 0.35/0.50
8.5" x 14" Colour (full) 2.00/3.50
8.5" x 14" Colour (more text) 1.50/2.50
11" x 17" Black & White 1.00/1.50

Photocopies and Prints are payable in advance by cash or check. Please make checks payable to the

National Information System Account

Receipts will not be issued for amounts less than EC$5.00.

Policy Changes

The National Documentation Centre reserves the right to change these policies, at any time, without notice.


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