The records include deeds, slave registers, manumission registers, court records, acts, minutes of the Legislative Council, Governor's dispatches, estimates, wills, minutes of the House of Assembly, blue books and newspapers.

Records and Archives

Agricultural Department Reports 1911-1959
Legislative Council Minutes 1799-1966
Executive Council Minutes 1814-1964
Leeward Islands Gazette 1879-1939
Leeward Island Blue Books 1889-1945
Dominica Blue Books 1839-1899
Dominica Official Gazette 1865-1966
Minutes of the House of Assembly 1787-1976
Dispatches from Governor 1833-1939
Dispatches to Governor 1827-1937
Dispatches from Colonial Secretary 1833-1894
Dispatches to Colonial Secretary 1873-1897
Newspapers 1821-2008
Court of Commons Pleas 1772-1848
Court of Vice Admiralty 1777-1872
Register of Slaves 1817-1834
Register of Manumissions 1783-1834