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Library service first began in Marigot in April 1971, with service offered only to adults.

In 1988, the Secretary of the Marigot Library Committee wrote requesting the “establishment of a Government Library in Marigot”   in view of the fact that the library was playing an important role in the lives of people in that community. The letter stated that the building was small and congested, there was need to update the books and for staff training.  The staff member was, at that time being, paid from pledges made by the members of the Committee and the community.

The Librarian convened two meetings in 1989 with the Library Committee of Marigot and other interested persons of the community to explore the possibility of establishing a Branch Library in the Marigot area.  Among the decisions taken at the meetings was the need to seek assistance from Government to meet wages for the part-time clerk in order to support the library services within the Marigot area.    A formal request was made to the Ministry of Education in 1990 to meet the salary of the library assistant who worked four days a week.  Approval was given with effect from June 1990 and the library commenced operation as part of Dominica the Library and Information Service of (DLIS).    

The library building a small generator shed was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Louis, and again in 1995, a tree fell on the roof during the passage of Hurricane Marilyn.   About 300 volumes of children’s and reference books as well as a typewriter were lost. Concern was again raised about the inadequacy and suitability of the building to support a library service and the DLIS began active search to find new accommodation for the library. 

At the end of February 2001, a request was made to lease a building which had become available in Marigot, for the purpose of housing the library. 

On July 30, 2001 a lease was entered into with the owner, and the library was moved in April 2002.  Service for the Marigot Branch Library began at this new location, and is still being offered from that rented property.

A number of activities are carried out at the library.  These include reading sessions, children summer programme, library week activities and library skills training for students of the primary schools in Marigot and surrounding communities. 


Presently internet, printing and photocopying services are offered in addition to book loans, research and homework assist services. 

The current officer is Ms. Shanika Darroux, Rural Library Assistant (Part time)

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